Using the method of Voice Dialogue, I'll have respectful conversations with conflicted parts of your personality which may lead to feelings of confusion, indecision, or conflict. Each Inner Self has its own point of view about how to help us succeed, and it's useful to see how change is more difficult when your parts are in conflict with each other.

A Pusher Self helps us get things done, and may be in conflict with a Rebel Self who wants us to relax and have fun. A People Pleasing Self can keep our focus on meeting others' needs first, and may be in conflict with a Protector Self who wants us to practice good self-care. An Addict Self encourages overeating or substance abuse, and may be in conflict with a Healthy Self that seeks moderation and a balanced life. A Doubter Self makes us second guess our decisions and may be in conflict with our Risk Taker Self, which wants to try new things. Judge or Inner Critic voices can sabotage our feelings of worth and be in conflict with the self that is choosing to heal and be free of the past.

I'll help you experience these different voices one at a time, so you'll understand the parts of your personality that are blocking your efforts to change. Insight into what is contributing to chronic feelings of depression, anxiety, addictions, or codependency help clarify new choices about what you want to create in your life. 

Voice Dialogue is a therapeutic method developed by psychologists Hal and Sidra Stone. It is a gentle, favorite method of my clients for gaining clarity and understanding about their conflicted voices and parts.