During EMDR therapy sessions, you can become free from emotional pain without being asked to describe the disturbing memory in detail. EMDR has been proven to be effective in clearing trauma that is stuck in your nervous system because it stimulates the same benefits created in REM (rapid eye movement) sleep. Nightmares are the brain's natural method to process and heal life shocks. When your level of pain is too high for the brain to release the trauma in nightmares, research has proven that EMDR can help you to feel significantly better in a short period of time.

If something traumatic has happened to you, your mind may continue to hold on to the original picture, feelings, sensations, sounds, and thoughts. When these painful experiences are triggered by people or things in your daily life, your nervous system may go from shock, numb, or frozen, to activated with anxiety, rage, or terror.

Research has proven that even after only a few treatment sessions, the bilateral stimulation of EMDR may help free you from the suffering, negative beliefs, and triggers caused by the original trauma.