Is it love or love addiction?

When being in love means being in pain, you may be addicted to a person.  Your judgment and self-respect may tell you to end it, but you keep wishing and hoping he'll change.  

An obsession with someone who isn't good for us is not love but fear — fear of being alone ore financially insecure, fear of being unlovable or never finding someone else, fear of being ignored or abandoned.  We may deceive ourselves: "He really loves me, he just doesn't know how to show it."

Treatment for love and relationship addiction

Carolyn provides counseling to deal with the "power over" and guilt trips your partner uses that keep you putting up with moodiness, bad temper, indifference, or put-downs.

Most of us have loved too much at least once, but when it becomes a destructive pattern, it's important to gain the tools to heal the pain and prevent getting caught up in such painful relationships again.