Are you addicted to food?

Compulsive overeating is ingesting large quantities of food in short periods of time and can become an addiction. A binge is a way to "swallow" emotions and gives temporary relief from emotional pain, stress, anxiety, depression, anger, or frustration.

A binge is an episode of uncontrolled eating and most binge experiences share several common factors:

  • Eating an excessively large amount of food, even when not hungry
  • Eating without enjoyment, and often feeling guilt before, during, or after eating
  • A sensation of a void that does not get filled no matter how much is eaten.
  • Frenzy: eating rapidly without tasting the food
  • Feeling out of control and unable to stop eating until uncomfortably full

Treatment for Food Addiction

Carolyn utilizes several steps to stop binge-eating disorder.  First, we'll explore the eating behavior and become willing to understand the misuse of food without judgment.

Then, we'll become aware of the intense feelings that trigger a binge, discover the underlying thoughts or beliefs that give rise to those feelings, and take action to prevent further anxiety and compulsive overeating episodes.

Treatment also includes creating a weight release plan that you're able to commit to (ownership) and the willingness to tweak the plan as needed.